Brand Strategy

Transforming Insight into Action

Strategic engagement is a commitment that requires continual focus. Synergy’s commitment to your business includes immersing your team in a plan of action that instills dedication and maintains accountability for sustainable results. We provide a strategy to implement our recommendations to ensure those recommendations can live in your organization.

Engaging Brands, People and Leaders – Synergy Strategic Offerings

Brand Essence Facilitation is a process whereby unique, differentiated brand essence of the organization is uncovered. This process increases the efficacy of marketing activity across the organization – and provides one guiding principle from which to communicate about the organization – a “brand platform.”

Here is an example of our proven proprietary process:

Gather Information Synthesize existing research related to brand awareness and attitudes, as well as brand loyalty, satisfaction and trust. This should include executive interviews, focus groups, surveys, ethnographies, etc.

Gain Insight Facilitate an appreciative working session to uncover current perceptions of the brand essence, and aspirations for the brand.

Get Inspired Once we understand current brand perceptions (discovered through recent marketing research) and aspirations (discovered through the facilitated working session), we create an agreed-upon brand essence platform which will act as a guiding principle to inform marketing, communications, traditional and new media, and customer experience – consistently.

Customer Experience Research reveals your customers’ perspectives and emotions when they interact with the your organization. Every organization has blind spots when it comes to the experiences they deliver day in and day out. Customer Experience mapping sheds light on opportunities to improve the consumer experience and create more compelling, long-term relationships with customers.

Patient Experience Mapping is a process used to understand each element of the patient experience – where there are areas to improve, where there are breaking or inflection points, and where care is being delivered excellently. We start with a cross-functional internal team and conduct deep research. Most importantly, we provide actionable insights to improve patient satisfaction across their health care experience. Not only does this produce short-term increases in satisfaction, but it drives long-term patient loyalty in the process.

Employee Engagement Mapping is a tool to understand the relative level of engagement among various groups of employees within an organization.  The first step in building a more engaged workforce is to understand which employees groups are most engaged – and how to leverage engagement to maximize productivity and create thriving workplace environments.

Research Activation Consultation converts the insights and findings from market research into actionable strategies for the organization to implement.  Activation is conducted through a work session with the client team and Synergy that results in a work plan or strategies and tactics for moving forward.

Communications Planning is often used to as a strategic marketing tool to communicate new opportunities, new or changing initiatives, or a renewed brand strategy or approach. A comprehensive communications strategy focuses on key messages, critical audiences, data-driven attitudes and perceptions, timing and resources required to reach (and positively impact) the intended audience.



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